Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vegan Mac n Cheese Recipe Roundup

1. Top Left: Chef Chloe's Vegan Mac 'N' Cheese
2. Top Right: Healthy Happy Life's Fake-Out Mac 'n Cheese
3. Bottom Left: Fat Free Vegan's Easy Macaroni and Cheeze
4. Bottom Right: Veg News Best Mac n Cheese on the Planet

Welcome to my first recipe round up of the best vegan recipes on the web. Take it from a girl who lives for a hearty bowl of elbow macaroni covered in creamy cheese sauce. I've tried every vegan recipe in the book and have even made some of my own versions, but have narrowed it down to my top 4 tried and true pics from some of my favorite bloggers and even one chef!

1. Chef Chloe's Vegan Mac 'N' Cheese

Not only is Chef Chloe completely adorable, but she exudes talent with her amazing vegan recipes. She was recently featured on The Food Network show, "Cupcake Wars" and came through with the first place prize being the only vegan pastry chef in the competition.

Chef Chloe's Vegan Mac "N" Cheese is a more traditional "roux" based sauce (flour and vegan butter) with additional flavors and textures from nutritional yeast (a MUST have ingredient for vegan mac n cheese), tomato paste, lemon juice and agave nectar.

This recipe is super easy to make, very creamy and delicious.

Click Here for Chef Chloe's recipe!

2. Healthy Happy Life's Fake-Out Mac 'n Cheese

I have been following Kathy's blog, Healthy Happy Life for a couple of years now and her recipes never disappoint!

What I love the most about her Fake-Out Mac 'n Cheese recipe is her addition of cannellini beans and mashed sweet potato. Of course, there is still a good amount of nutritional yeast, so you gotta get over to Whole Foods or your local health food store to pick some up! Or you can order it HERE and wait a few days for it to arrive at your doorstep.

Kathy's recipe has a little more ingredients and takes a bit more time, BUT this sauce is also delicious over baked potatoes, steamed vegetables, tofu and even chili! It's WORTH IT!

Click Here for Kathy's Recipe!

3. Fat Free Vegan's Easy Macaroni and Cheeze

Meet Susan Voisin; practically the Vegan Queen in the blogger world. Everyone who has been meat and dairy free for a while as scoured her Fat Free Vegan blog at one point. She is sheer genius, down to earth and her recipes are outstanding!

Susan came up with her Easy Macaroni and Cheeze because of her daughter's love for the vegan packaged brand, Road's End (which I'm a HUGE fan of as well). Trying to stay away from processed foods, she got to work and created her own extremely similar (if not better) replication of the store bought box brand.

Again, you'll be using Nutritional Yeast with a ton of spices for this recipe. It's lower in fat than the first two but still just as creamy and decadent.

Click Here for Susan's Recipe!

4. Veg News Best Mac n Cheese on the Planet
I'm going to be completely honest when I say although I do LOVE this recipe, it probably isn't the BEST (in my opinion).

The base for this cheese sauce is cashews, potatoes, carrots and onions, which is also a good way to sneak in some veggies. The sauce is very easy to make, but the one draw back I've found is that it drys up pretty quickly when tossed with the noodles. It's important to only pour the sauce over the noodles right before you serve or you'll have a bit of a "cakey" mac on your plate.

This recipe is also the ONLY one of the 4 that doesn't include nutritional yeast as an ingredient, so you should have no problem finding everything you need at your regular grocery store.

Click Here for the Recipe from Veg News!

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