Monday, November 14, 2011

Sweet Butternut Squash & White Beans for Baby and Toddler

Check out my leftover butternut squash from THIS amazing salad. Roasted, sweet, soft, nutritious, delicious. Combined with fork-smashed white cannellini beans and a dash of maple syrup and cinnamon, this simple snack is perfect. Skip the syrup for baby (under 12 mos) but let your tot indulge with a little treat of luscious, all natural maple (grade B if you can).

The only kitchen tool you need to put this together is a fork. Simply smash the squash and the beans together.

Add just a touch of pure maple syrup (1 tsp)...

And sprinkle with a little heart-healthy cinnamon

Oh and make sure you save some for your little one :)

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