Saturday, October 15, 2011

What's for Lunch?

I'm answering a question today from a fellow Mommy: "What do you feed Kaden for lunch? I've been trying to come up with lunch ideas for my toddler..."

Great question! I'm sure you are not alone. I hope these suggestions help you out as well as other Mom's who stress out when that twelve o'clock hour strikes!

Option 1
Green-Apple Baby's Green Smoothie + 1 slice whole grain bread with smeared avocado
Option 2
Natural, unsalted peanut butter & jelly sandwich bites, frozen peas (thawed), sliced red grapes

Option 3

Brown rice, vegetarian refried pinto beans, chopped tomatoes, and watermelon

Option 4

Almond butter on zucchini bread, blueberries & blackberries, frozen corn (thawed)

Option 5

2 meatless meatballs, whole grain couscous, steamed green beans & steamed pears

Option 6

Quinoa mixed with tofu & avocado, chopped tomato with olive oil & basil, strawberries

I really hope that one of these lunch options helps you out or at least provides a platform for other ideas. Keep your questions coming!!

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